0001606268-20-000091 4 1 20200915 20200917 20200917 MCMINN KEVIN M 0001807343 4 34 001-36559 201181530 12140 WICKCHESTER LANE SUITE 100 HOUSTON TX 77079 Spark Energy, Inc. 0001606268 4931 465453215 DE 1231 12140 WICKCHESTER LANE SUITE 100 HOUSTON TX 77079 (713) 600-2600 12140 WICKCHESTER LANE SUITE 100 HOUSTON TX 77079 4 1 wf-form4_160037484129696.xml FORM 4 X0306 4 2020-09-15 0 0001606268 Spark Energy, Inc. SPKE 0001807343 MCMINN KEVIN M 12140 WICKCHESTER LANE SUITE 100 HOUSTON TX 77079 0 1 0 0 Chief Operating Officer Restricted Stock Unit 2020-09-15 4 A 0 616 9.05 A Class A Common Stock 616.0 31292 D Each restricted stock unit ("Restricted Stock Unit") represents a right to receive, upon vesting, one share of Class A Common Stock, par value $0.01 per share (the "Class A Common Stock"), of Spark Energy, Inc., cash, or a combination of both. Each Restricted Stock Unit includes tandem dividend equivalents which will vest upon the same schedule as the underlying Restricted Stock Unit. These Restricted Stock Units accrued on outstanding Restricted Stock Units held by the reporting person as a result of a dividend equivalent payment made to the holder when the Company paid its most recent quarterly dividend on the Class A Common Stock. These Restricted Stock Units vest ratably over four years in May of each year starting in the year following the grant. The price is based on the closing price on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Balance includes original grants of Restricted Stock Units and dividend equivalents issued in additional Restricted Stock Units. The balance also reflects a forfeiture and cancellation for no consideration of 45,717 Restricted Stock Units (consisting of a grant of 44,709 Restricted Stock Units on May 18, 2020 and 1,008 Restricted Stock Units that were issued on June 15, 2020 in respect of dividend equivalents on June 15, 2020) that were inadvertently allocated to the reporting person. Kevin M. McMinn, by Dominique R. Colvard, Attorney-in-Fact 2020-09-17